‘Good Hope’ Unleashed

GOOD HOPE CHARDONNAY, 2012It’s hard to find a Chardonnay as delightful as Good Hope. Our newest vintage, this bright, fruit forward French style Chardonnay is ideal for any white wine connoisseur.

Our 2012 is bright, floral and very drinkable.  It is not buttery but rich in flavor and has mass appeal as a drinkable white.

2012 Cape Cauldron Cabernet Sauvignon

capecAt the southern tip of Africa, the cold current of the Atlantic Ocean meets that of the warmer Indian Ocean. Where these two oceans come together is one of the most tumultuous sea regions in the World, and is aptly named: Cape Cauldron.

“Cape Cauldron Cabernet” is a divine tribute to the beauty, power and chaos of this point that created and supports one of the most bio-diverse Floral Kingdoms in the World.

Discover ‘Red Gold’

LIVELY GROVE PINOTAGE, 2011Unique to South Africa, the Pinotage grape produces deep red wines with flavors of earth, smoke and sometimes tropical fruit. In the 1990s visiting wine masters dubbed it “Red Gold.”

Pinotage is the new, vogue grape.  It is a hybrid grape that makes a truly unique sip.  From the Pinot Noir nose to the rich, earthy finish this is a powerful and beautiful wine.

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