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What is Sustainable Wine?

2X2RubberStamp 8thWonderSustainable Wine South Africa (SWSA) is the alliance between the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB), the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme, the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) and Wines of South Africa (WOSA). Together these organizations drive the South African wine industry’s commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly production. By considering the consequences of how they grow and make their wine, and thinking ahead for the next generations, South Africa is not just making better wine – they’re also making wine better.

Eighth Wonder Wines is proud to carry the seal that safeguards the rich heritage of South Africa’s winelands. With that in mind, Eighth Wonder is committed to:

  • Farm sustainably
  • Be a custodian of the land and preserve it for future generations
  • Nurture a culture of respect among the people who work with us on our farms and in our cellars
  • Promote an environment of dignity, equality and advancement  for all
  • Protect the unique and valuable biodiversity of South Africa’s winelands
  • Safeguard the rich heritage of South Africa’s winelands.

South Africa’s Sustainability Seal – The World’s First Guarantee of Eco-Friendly Production

Each bottle of wine bottled in South Africa carries a certification seal on its neck. This seal is the country’s guarantee that the packaging claims are true and the wine was of good quality when it was evaluated by the Wine and Spirit Board.

A wine is certified only when all requirements of the Wine of Origin Program have been met. Samples of all wines submitted for certification are also scientifically analyzed to ensure the legal requirements have been met. It’s a strict process and one that makes South Africa unique. During the certification evaluation, the judges also review the clarity, color, flavor and taste of the wine.

Earth-Friendly Corks

Eighth Wonder wines use earthly-friendly, micro-granulated corks. A new generation of bottle stoppers, Provino corks are made from the remnants of cork bark after natural corks have been punched.

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